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How Do You Define It? - The Face Of Politics and People.


As a reminder, next week is my video blog post. Don't miss it. For now, let's deal with this week's topic. How do you define it, the face of politics? More important is what excuses do you use to accept things around you? Face it. There is a crapload of things that go on around you, or affect you, that you simply do not like. WAIT, should I mail you a tissue, because if for one minute you think you are alone, you are simply being selfish and feeling sorry for yourself. Well, get in the boat with everyone else and start rowing. We all have things that happen around us or to us that affect us. The difference in how we define it, and what excuses we use so we can accept it. Whether or not you are willing to admit that to yourself or not is irrelevant, but it is a fact, and the sooner you realize it and accept it, the better off you will be, and the quicker you can fix it.


Now, what makes you think I am using this as an example? SImply put, some people are just gullable. They believe everything they are told, read, or see. Why not? Isn't it true that everything you read is true, and everything a political candidate tells you is a fact, and of course, we trust our own eyes? Many might say there are three things to politics.

  1. Tell them what they want to hear to get their vote,

  2. Blame it on someone else when it goes wrong, and take the credit when it goes right,,

  3. Do what you want regardless of everything else.

Now, read those three things again closely and tell me I'm wrong. I can tell you this, that is what is wrong with politics. We have given our leaders way too much much power under the understanding of the word trust. Just ask anyone who is in dire need of this new stimulus package to survive, feed their family, or keep their home. Each of those points applies to this example. I am proud to be an American but ashamed to say I had any part in electing the individuals that cannot put a deal together without taking politics into the equation that the people of this country have desperately needed. They tell you what you want to hear to give you hope. Each side blames the other, and they do what they want regardless of the needs of the people of this great nation. There is it. Points 1,2, and 3 covered perfectly. That my friends is the face of politics.

It's a terrible face and one they should be ashamed of. There is not one of those three points that defines intelligence at any level. The worst part is, as a people, we get sucked right into that wormhole never knowing where we will emerge. It's not a Democratic or Republican thing because both sides do it, and both sides are work. Therefore, now that the December 11th. deadline is rapidly approaching when they take their holiday break, and the ever closing threat of all these benefits ending December 31st., now they decided to compromise. Something they could have done months ago. Frankly, for this country and it's people, their compromise stinks at the lowest level of sewage there is.

Let's gamble that the American people can stick it out because a vaccine is just about here, yet, it's a vaccine that will take months to get to the entire population. A President-elect that states after the inauguration he will get the people the 1200.00 stimulus check. Horsecrap. If the Senate remains republician, which in my opinion it should, it has to get past the Senate. A promise that should never be made. I'm not knocking Biden because even Trump said after the election there would be an even bigger stimulus package. Well, I guess that got flushed down the political toilet as well.

We live in the greatest nation on the planet and have the most severely broken political system in history. Much of that blame has to go to the major news networks. Reporters used to hold politicians accountable, now they protect the ones they favor. On both sides. Who suffers? We the people. The people that the constitution was created by the founding fathers to protect. However, are we any better? Read on.


Part of the human condition is for us to protect ourselves. One of the easiest ways to do that is to blame someone else. Perform this quick exercise. Sit back for a moment, and be honest, think to yourself, HOW MANY TIMES ION THE PAST WEEK DID YOU BLAME SOMEONE ELSE? It does not need to be a situation where you did something wrong and blamed another, just a total of how many times n your own mind you blamed someone else for anything. Some refer to it as "The Blame Games." Someone who always blames others for what they believe is their misfortune. This starts at a very young age. Think about it. growing up, how many times did you blame your brother or sister when you were caught doing something by your parents? I'm guessing the answer might be in the hundreds, at least between myself and my sister it was. This becomes a learned behavior. One we learn at a very young age and carry it through our adolescent and teenage years, and right into adulthood. In a sense, we actually become professionals at it.

No, you are not a bad person, you don't need to see a doctor, well, maybe you do if it's an obsession, but for the most part, you are perfectly normal. It's our brain's self-preservation mode that kicks in. However, we need to define it?


When you place the blame on others, it can be for a variety of reasons. The post would be too long if discussed them all, and some are mental disorders. However, for the average person, we do it because we do not know how to define it. What does that mean? It means you don't know what category to file the issue under. t's like you are standing in front of a file cabinet with something to file. You look at the document, and it could fall into many categories. Therefore, you do not know which folder to put it in. WOuldn't life be easy if we could simply store each event into a folder in a file cabinet?

Actually for some, and I am this type of person, I can do that. No, not physically put the event into a file folder in a file cabinet, but in my mind, take the event for what it is, file it away, and not look back at it. Yes, my mind knows it's there. However, I know it is now only a learning point of reference, and I do NOT dwell on it. If you are like that, you have probably been accused of being hard or cold, with a reduced sense of emotions. That is the farthest thing from the truth. I employ a great deal of emotion. At times, maybe too much. The difference is, I deal with them, and put them away, and not carry them forward. Therefore, I do not use excuses to accept the things that happen around me.


Any time you experience something you cannot clearly define, or can define, most times you will fabricate an excuse for it which usually involves blaming others. This excuse helps you to define it and understand it. Now you can put it away. Can you see the problem? After a while, this becomes so habitual, you might forget or get stale when it comes to reasoning something out. This leads to a plethora of additional problems. Trusting, lying, and communicating, just to name a few.

Additionally, you will eventually lose credibility and integrity. I get it, is it easier to make an excuse for something and blame someone else? You bet it is; 24/7. It saves you time, maybe money, and tons of aggravation. However, in time, this comes at a cost. That ost is you, your individuality, and the way you are perceived by others. Remember the two most important things in life. PERSPECTIVE and PERCEPTION.


To wrap this up in a nice neat package with a bow on it., is simple. Follow three simple rules.

  1. Accept things for what they are,

  2. Make no excuses,

  3. Don't blame others.

There you have it. Three simple things to do and remember. No one expects you are anyone to be perfect, and most will accept an honest mistake. Very few will accept a lie, at least, not for long. So remember.

You never have to remember the truth, but a lie you have to remember forever.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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