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If I Only Knew Back Then What I Know Now. - Is there danger in making foolish statements?


Greetings to all. I hope everyone is well. Tonight's topic is fascinating because it has so many possibilities. If we want to be honest, I think we would all agree that each of us has made a foolish statement at one time or another. Without foolish statements, we would have one less thing to laugh about. However, the question is, is there danger in making foolish statements? Many things in life are funny, for example, as a joke. But what happens when the joke is taken too far, and someone makes it a reality? Then, maybe it wouldn't be so funny.


Not wanting to go through the list of scores of foolish statements, I decided to pick one. One for you to think about because this foolish statement, for many, comes with actual danger.

"IF I ONLY KNEW BACK THEN WHAT I KNOW NOW." A classic statement that we have all said at one time or another. My personal favorite is, "I WOULD LIKE TO HAVE TOMOOROW'S PAPER TODAY, JUST ONCE."

Let's look at those two statements. The reality is they are both foolish because neither is possible. We use them in the context of what we might be discussing at the time, and no one takes anyone who says them seriously.

I asked you to think about the first statement because that one comes with possible consequences. I call them danger. Why do you think I said that?


Although neither is possible, someone can act on the first statement but not the second. Until we can go into the future, no one will have tomorrow's paper today just once. On the contrary, because of what you have learned today, you do have the ability to change your life. In some cases, that might be good. However, in others, it could be dangerous. Rather than give you examples, think for yourself. Think about something you would do over if you could because of what you know now? Yes, that can undoubtedly open Pandora's Box. Why? Because not every person is a good person, and some may do bad things because now they have learned how to and didn't know how to years back.

When dealing with the human mind, it is NOT a level playing field. Everyone thinks differently. Some have mental disorders, whereas others don't. There have been cases where someone killed someone else years later because, at the time of the original incident, when their anger was in a rage, they did not have the means. Years later, they now have the means and do the deed. If they knew back then what they know now, the outcome years ago would be different. Also, everything about that person's life would have evolved differently. Therefore, I pose this question to you.


Isn't that a fascinating thought? Think of the possibilities. Would you be rich, broke, married, single, have children, have no children, or would you even be alive?

It can boggle the mind. However, the danger comes into play when someone makes that statement and starts to think about it, decides they want to change something, and does. Some refer to it as a mid-life crisis. It certainly can be. However, it is because someone thought about something they could have done differently and tried to decide to change it. As I stated, sometimes the outcome is good, others times, not so much.


There is not much danger in thinking about something. However, the problems often develop when some might act on their thoughts. The dangerous ones. The ones that cause harm to themselves or others. The ones where the outcome is not good and can affect many lives. Look at President Putin of Russia as an example. He has wanted to invade Ukraine for years and never did for whatever reason. I believe he didn't because he feared what the U.nited States might do. HE has made it clear that he has no fear of the United States. Therefore, he invaded Ukraine. Is it the United States he lost fear in, or is it the administration is doesn't fear? Therefore, if he knew back then what he knows now, things years ago might have been quite different, resulting in some things being different today.

Regardless of what you believe, numerous lives become affected. Needless suffering and death. Yes, this is on a larger scale, but the concept holds true on any scale. Has he become unstable? Is he fit to be the leader of such a sizeable nuclear nation? These dangers are real and present in life. From the street level criminal to the more complex criminal, it can apply to everyday people. Look at the events of the past few years. Many people didn't act on their desires because they thought they could never get away with it. However, in recent years with all the violence in the streets, crime on the rise, murders on the rise, some people have learned they can get away with it.


No, these statements are NOT foolish. It's what we as people do with these statements that is foolish. People have been living with various types of pressure, confusion, and uncertainty for so long now that it is understandable why some would change. Do something foolish. It doesn't make what they do right, but whose fault is that? Most times, it is the fault of those who caused the problem in the first place.

People by nature are peaceful, and most want to live their life. However, no matter how thick, any branch can only hold so much weight and for so long before it snaps and breaks. The job of every leader of every nation is to assure that branch is never weighted down so much that it breaks. Are our leaders doing their job?

Stay safe and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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