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Is It Always A Matter Of Choice - does choice hold a higher value than equality?


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Now for tonight's topic. Alan from Texas has requested I talk about this topic since my opening statement in my promos states that controversial topics do not frighten me as they do others. The reason for that is simple. I deal with facts. Not opinions. The thing about facts is basic. You don't have to like them, but you cannot dispute them. The only disputable thing is opinions, and opinions are NOT facts. Tonight's topic may be viewed as sensitive by many. It is highly controversial and in no way is intended to insult or judge anyone. However, this topic has many ramifications and can change what we know and have labeled for years as 'traditional' in our society.

Change and progress are like pride. They are both difficult to swallow and do NOT go down easy. However, they are part of evolution. We don't have to like it, but we must accept it will occur. I think the word that bothers me the most is democracy. Democracy is probably the most important word in our American vocabulary.

It is also one of the words that people, governments, and organizations change the meaning of to suit their needs or beliefs. Democracy has one concept and one concept only. However, democracy is more than a definition. It is an ideal. A state of presence by which people decide to live by. Take a look:

Within the word 'democracy' are many components. I will be discussing two of them in this post: CHOICE and EQUALITY.

Many people confuse the two words. As with other words, people twist their meanings to either mean the same or fit the narrative they use them for. When this occurs, we have the chaos in our society that we are experiencing today. Before I dive right in, let's clarify choice and equality.

CHOICE - is an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities. Example: "The choice between good and evil"

EQUALITY - is the state of being equal, especially in status, rights, and opportunities. Example: "An organization aiming to promote racial equality"

both courtesy of the Oxford Languages Dictionary

Let's get started.


I respect every person's right to live as they choose. To live their life the way they choose, provided they have the mental capacity to make those choices. Often that is NOT the case.

Many times these are NOT issues of what is right or wrong. It is not an issue of right or wrong to be Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and all the other letters of the alphabet. These are a matter of choice. Often that is an involuntary choice due to the X and Y chromosomes in their DNA from birth. However, at times it is forced upon some due to sex trafficking and now becomes their way of life. However, that is a different topic. Those with a different X and Y chromosome base than someone solely male by chemical makeup or female based on chemical makeup are only following the signals sent to their brain. It is what they believe and feel. Why should they be treated differently? They should NOT. They should be treated equally. Their situation is not a matter of choice; it is a matter of their chemical design which is different than others. Therefore, choice and equality are NOT the same.

These are scientific facts and are not disputable. This has been occurring for decades, but only over the past many years have these individuals come forward to fight for their rights to be treated equally. And, rightfully so. They should be. However, that is NOT where the story ends.

The caveat to this is basic. As I have said many times, those of you who follow my blog know this is true. "NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO IMPOSE OR FORCE THEIR BELIEFS ON OTHERS." I am heterosexual. However, I have friends who are not. We respect how we each choose to live and NEVER impose or force our beliefs on each other. Therefore, there are no arguments or disputes. It is unfortunate, but some do not follow this simple principle. Hence, the social problems begin, and the issue of equality becomes amplified. Now, in this case, choice and equality are similar. Meaning it is their choice, and as I stated earlier, they should be treated equally.


Equality is the main issue, especially in the transgender community. This issue has become totally out of hand. However, that is the fault of the people because that is their choice, and in a democracy, they have the right to choose. However, they do NOT have the right to force it upon others or develop a culture that influences those who have not reached the mental maturity to comprehend this fully. An issue that is causing physical and mental harm to many. That part of the equation is not only the fault of the people but also the fault of the system that allows it, which means the government. Some, not all, politicians only care about the vote. Not what is right or wrong.

However, because transgenderism receives so much media attention, it makes it appear that so many people are transgender. The reality is that the percentage of people is very low compared to the total population. With that said, the problem is still real. Not the transgender part that is a person's choice and right, but the protests and how transgender people are viewed by society. By nature of their actions, transgender individuals cause most of their problems.

Let's take sports as an example. A male who identifies as a female feels they belong playing in female sports. They do this under the auspices of equality. However, is it equal?

Can someone explain the equality of that to me? Therefore, choice and equality now become completely different. How can anyone, in the interest of fair play, think that a biological man should be allowed to compete in a biological female sport? Yet, this is where the social issue stems from. The transgender community does not want to accept this, and the government will not take a stand against it. Why? Because it can cost VOTES. The heck with right from wrong. Throw the book out on equality, burn the tablets about fairness.

Many states are taking a stand against this, and the federal government is sending out Biden's usual threats, but many sports are also on board with not allowing this. And, it should NOT be allowed, only because IT IS NOT AN EQUAL AND FAIR MATCH UP OF OPPONENTS.

Ladies and gentlemen, people, groups, organizations, and the government bend the rules and manipulate choice and equality to suit their needs. The scientific facts can not be ignored or disputed. Of course, there is a simple solution. Establish transgender sports leagues. However, that would not make sense because, as I stated earlier, the percentage of people that are transgender is very low, and out of that percentage, not all would want to play sports. However, is being transgender a fad, a culture, or a fleeting glance? Is it here to stay? Does it matter? What matters is what and how we as a society handle it regarding setting some common sense ground rules. Ground rules that everyone could live by and live with.

Everything in life has a set of common sense rules. Why should transgenderism be any different? Why should the laws, rules, and regulations be changed or altered for a select few? Don't we have enough of that in politics right now? We have seen how that can affect a country. Well, how about how we let things affect society? We are living in a world of band-aid fixes. Put a Band-Aid on it now and worry about the future later. However, later always comes; when it does, it might be too late to fix it.

So where does it end? Where do we draw the line? How many of you would see a Broadway play in New York about Cinderella when the character of Cinderella looks like Grizzly Adams? How long would a boxing match last if a woman who identified as a man got in the ring with Mike Tyson?

At what point does COMMON SENSE enter the equation? Therefore, how far do choice and equality go in certain situations? Do we comprise society, our children, and our way of life, all because some people, politicians, and groups cannot handle their issues properly and all feel entitled? The world owes you nothing. No one is entitled. Many college universities are destroying the minds of their students because of the donors that donate to their institutions and the number of overseas students' tuition money they receive from other governments. Students cannot respect listening to a speaker on campus without causing problems because they disagree with their views. Rather than debate it properly, they cause a disturbance that their universities condone. Who do you blame? The students or the university?

These are just some social issues we face, mainly due to a lack of structure. The bending of misuse of the words CHOICE and EQUALITY, all under the umbrella of democracy. I call it the UMBRELLA OF DISGRACE!


We all know that a couple of these examples would never happen. Why? Because no individual in their right mind would do it. But these, and other things, could very well be the side effects we face—another example. Many establishments already have unisex restrooms. However, the general rule is one person at a time. Does anyone want their young son or daughter in the same restroom at the same time as an adult that identifies themselves as the opposite sex? That is not to say they do not have the right to use the restroom. It solely speaks to the manner in which it is used. Again, where does it end? Where is the line drawn in the sand as to what is common sense and what is not?

A true democracy promotes and provides us all with equality and choice. That is why it is a democracy. However, it comes with rules and regulations. We do not allow people to murder another without facing the consequences because we are a democracy, and they have freedom of choice. Therefore, they choose to murder someone in cold blood because they have freedom of choice and live in a democracy.

So you say these comparisons are extreme, but they are not. They are intended to show that even in a democracy, there are laws that need to be followed. Therefore, why should there not be laws regarding the transgender community? No one is proclaiming they cannot be transgender. That equality and choice are NOT being denied.


Sometimes things get so much publicity that it is drastically exaggerated. Is that the case here? I can't answer that question. However, over the last three years of protests, riots, lawlessness, and lack of some cities controlling crime, some groups feel they can protest, and anything goes. This in itself escalates the issue. Of course, we all know they do it for attention—the news coverage, etc.

Our society and government must come to grips with the basic concepts of common sense principles.

Our present administration does not seem to get that concept, and in 2024, there must be a change in command to get things done and back to some degree of sanity. The question we need to ask ourselves is, how much worse can it get before then? That's anyone's guess. Who ever thought it could get this bad in two and a half years? But it has.

Live and let live. Whatever your preferences are, live your life the way you wish, but do not force or impose your beliefs on others. As for children, let them be kids. Let them develop naturally, and as parents, as always, you should monitor your child's development. Parents of young children need to learn the signs of change n their children. If you know what to look for, you will know how to deal with it and the resources available to help.

We live in a world where all we see on the news, in politics, and many times in life, are people bashing other people. After some time of this, it becomes the "norm." The normal way of living. It is not. Think back decades ago. A campaign year was fair. A debate was about the issues, not the individuals. We have a President now that avoids talking about the issues. I don't think any citizen knows where he stands on many issues. Some of which are quite serious and may soon be facing our nation. Add to that the social unrest, economic crisis, and an open southern border, through it all in the pot, and what o you have? A receipt for failure. Thank you.

Be safe, stay well, and focus on being happy. And remember to always:

Live with an open mind,

Live with an open heart,

Live your best life.

Best Regards,

Caesar Rondina


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