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The Horrors of Texting - (Is texting causing us to lose a bit of our humanity?)


Once upon a time, I wrote a blog about texting. However, this one is a bit different. I am not afraid to talk about any topic. However, there are some topics that I have strong feelings about, and texting is one of them. Therefore, this post will be a combination of facts and opinions, and I do respect yours. We live in the age of technology. A digital world. In a world when a product is released, it's already obsolete. Technology can be good, but it can also be harmful when abused or not used properly. The question is, is texting causing us to lose a bit of our humanity? Like everything else, that is probably a matter of opinion. However, in my opinion, it definitely has, and it's not getting any better. There are horrors associated with texting: distracted driving, words being misinterpreted, distraction in a classroom, and many more. However, the biggest horror is that it affords people not to have to face the person they are communicating with. It's easy to say what you want when you are hiding behind a microphone, regardless of the type of media. People instant become brave. Why hot, there is nothing other than a voice to confront. This level of bravery level and

what people will say goes up exponentially.


Most people have social media accounts, and we have all seen the posts. The horror stories. Things such as, "He/She just broke up with me in a text. My friend sent me a screenshot of what they said. They are not getting the point." Partners have even told the other they want a divorce through a text message. Now, that's really a gutless person. Not to count the number of times people say they are one place when, in reality, they are somewhere completely different. That's a great one for teenagers when their parents are checking on them. These are just a few. I think texting has a great purpose. If you need to send a quick message of love, caring, or bring home a loaf of bread, and you are in a meeting, that's fine. Simple messages to a loved one or someone you love to show you are thinking of them, or care about them is sweet.

However, to discuss serious matters or argue is completely ridiculous. First, the one thing about face-to-face communication is you must face the individual—no beer muscles behind that conversation. Either in person or on the phone, you can exchange thoughts much quicker, more efficiently, and more importantly, the other elements to a strong conversation exist. You get to hear the person's voice, how they are saying what they are saying. It helps you to determine sincerity and know that the other person is actually listening. There is vocal intonation, how the pitch of their voice changes, what you see in their eyes. Eyes are the best way to tell if someone is lying. Basically, it's personal.

Of course, we all know that people use it for other purposes. Exchanging pictures, social, or sexual, videos, sexting, and other wide varieties of uses. For that, I say, to each his own. However, there are wider and more serious implications of abusive texting.


How many times have you been to a restaurant, looked around, and almost always, one or more people at the table are texting. Studies show that texting has changed social interaction. If you put a cell phone into social interaction, it does two things: First, it decreases the quality of what you talk about, because you talk about things where you wouldn't mind being interrupted, which makes sense, and, secondly, it decreases the empathic connection that people feel toward each other. It takes away from quality time with friends and family. I can't count how many times I have seen people together, and everyone is texting someone. What the hell is the point of getting together to socialize. Let's face it. We've all seen it, and probably at some point, we've all done it. Personally, I no longer do. So much so that if I date a girl and all she wants to do is text, after three dates max., I'm done. I like personal interaction when possible. Don't expect to sit on your couch watching TV and have a text conversation for the entire evening. First, it leads me to think that the person has something to hide and cannot engage in an open verbal conversation.


Simply put, it is hindering their social development and social skills. They do not know how to have a conversation or hold one for any length of time. Could this lead to a reduction in their humanity, meaning, how to communicate effectively with others? Yes, it can, and over time, it will. Another danger is that many people do not know how to express themselves with only words properly. When they type, they know what they mean. However, the person on the other end does not. Therefore, leading to misinterpreting a comment or string of words. This is not only common in younger people but also with adults. Hell, I've done it myself. Some argue that it is good because people might tend to be more honest when they are not facing the person. There may be some truth to that. After all, if someone gets mad, you do not reply. That could be a great way of avoiding an argument and a great way not to resolve an issue. All of this leads to poor communication skills between people. Yes, it does take a bit away from our humanity since we have reduced ourselves and conversation down to a series of binary numbers. A series and combination of ones and zeros. All emotion is gone. All the physical and sound senses you use to determine sincerity, purpose, and intent, no longer exist.


Let me make this clear. If you fit into any of these categories, you should be ashamed. You are setting a horrible example for our youth, not taking the responsibility as an adult because all you are doing is hiding behind your words, and if that shoe fits, I guess your Cinderella and have to wear it. However, it doesn't mean you have to keep it on. I've seen couples sitting in the same room, living in the same house, texting each other rather than open their mouths. That is not only sad; it is sick. Yes, you can call it a sickness. One of social underdevelopment. These people stick out like sore thumbs because they are the ones that cannot carry on or hold a conversation. They have forgotten how. It's not that they are stupid; they have lost or are suffering from the lack of ability to express themselves. Does all of this sound a bit harsh? You bet your sweet bottom it does, and it should. Abusive texting is hurting children, adults, family, couples, and friendships. It causes far more harm than good.

My feelings are simple. If you want to talk to me other than sending a quick or sweet message, and you cannot take the time to call me, you are not worth me having in my life. I know I do not have your attention while texting, you are probably doing something else, and the worse part is, you right be having a phone conversation with someone else while texting with me. Save that crap for someone else. Someone who is willing to put up with it. My choice is, I am not. As for you, you make your own choices. However, you know what, if you fit neatly into this mold, you can change it. Pick up the phone, see someone fave-to face and talk to them, and for God's sake, if you are going to break up with someone, at least have to balls to do it to their face and not be a gutless wonder.

Stay safe and be well. Thank you.

Caesar Rondina

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