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The Vaccine Is Here. What are your expectations?


First I would like to start by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a healthy, safe, and prosperous New Year. This is my last blog post in 2020. My next blog post will resume on January 11th., 2021. Wow, 2021. In four days, and three if you start your celebration on Christmas Eve, we all have received the best gift we could ask for. A vaccine that hopefully will be the beginning of the end of this pandemic. As always, every Poll is different, and there are certainly people who are skeptical about taking it. Well, honestly, who can blame them. When we hear different doctors speak and hear many different opinions, confusion will almost always be part of the result.

Removing all the political rhetoric from the equation, in my opinion, I believe this is a safe vaccine, and coming this quickly certainly sets a record. A great deal of testing has gone into these vaccine's and the verification process has gone through its paces. The FDA is NOT in the habit of approving vaccines and medications that have not been proven to be safe. It also may change the way and time that future vaccines for other viruses are developed and distributed. Oh yes, don't think Covid-19 is our last rodeo. The question in life is NEVER "WILL IT HAPPEN?" The real question is, "WHEN WILL IT HAPPEN?" However, our medical and scientific community learned a great deal through this crisis, which by the way, is not over. Side effects are always a possibility with any medication and are to be expected. However, with that said, after all the testing, there is a good handle on what these side effects are. However, it is important to answer honestly any and all questions asked on any questionnaire or by anyone administering the vaccine before you take it. So what are your expectations?

There are still many unknowns and we still have much to learn. Such as, how long will the vaccine be effective? Will we need booster shots? The science and doctors will learn the answers to these questions over time. There is also a great deal of concern over the new outbreaks in Europe. As of the research I have done today, it appears that the issue is more of the virus mutating into something that is easier to contract. MEaning, it takes less n exposure to the virus to become infected. However, it is believed that between our own immune systems and the vaccine, we should still be immune once the vaccine and our immune systems are up to par. Again, things we still need to learn. On a personal note, it is a great thing and our present administration did an excellent job to make this become a reality in record time, as I am sure the new administration will continue.


I speak to many people throughout the day and week and do a considerable about of research. I always watch various news media networks. No, they cannot influence me because God, as he has done for you, gifted me with a brain, and more importantly, common sense. Last Monday was a landmark day. Front line workers started receiving their first shot of the vaccine across the country. If you watched any news station that day, you saw many people receiving the first shots. I mean like that's all you saw on TV. Although I must say, those that were interviewed who received the shots were great. The best answer I heard when one individual was asked, "How did it feel." The reply was, "It felt like I got a shot." I wondered, were the reporters waiting for someone to faint or say it was the most painful thing I ever felt? I mean, a shot in the arm is a shot in the arm.

The second best question one person was asked was, "Do you feel any different?" Really, are there people who really expect people to have side effects or feel like superman or superwoman 10 seconds after they get the shot? I get it. Everyone wants to know. Don't ask me why, if you ever got a flu shot or any type of injection in your arm, you already know what it's going to feel like. I can tell you this from someone who has administered tens of thousands of needles in my career. It's all in the technique of the person administering the shot. I've gotten flu shots where they were slightly painful, and others where I barely knew I got a shot.

So we have three groups of people. Those that can't wait to get it, those that are not in a rush, and those who say they will not take it. Each is a personal choice, and I'm big on people exercising their personal choices. Let's faces it, in general terms, right, wrong or indifferent, the only person who pays the price for their personal choice is themselves. Let them make it. I'm good with that. However, with that said, as people, we must have a certain degree of faith in our scientists, researchers, and medical professionals, along with the organizations that serve and grant authorizations. The one thing we do know to be a fact, that if no one takes it, what we are experiencing now WILL be our new normal and more people will die. Everything in life boils down to risk versus benefits. I don't care what you do, that statement always applies. From walking down the street, getting married, having unprotected sex, dating, getting on a train or plane, you pick it. Everything has a risk. Your choice is to weigh the risk versus the benefit. Most do, some don't. Some people just fly by the seat of their pants and don't worry. Do you envy those types?


The one thing that every doctor has agreed upon is that the first shot doesn't mean you can drop your guard. After approximately 3 weeks, you only have developed around a 50% immunity factor. The second shot gets you to 94-95% effectiveness after about a month. During this 2 to 3 month period, because it could be more or less depending on the person, if you think you can go back to normal, stop wearing your mask, if you even wear one, you are sadly mistaken. Let me repeat that.

During this 2 to 3 month period, because it could be more or less depending on the person, if you think you can go back to normal, stop wearing your mask, if you even wear one, you are sadly mistaken.

Therefore, I ask you to think about what your expectations are. YOu must be realistic. The GOOD NEWS is it is here, and the time to things going back to the normal we are used to is now within arms reach, providing enough people get administered the vaccine. That is a great Christmas present.

No one is ever wrong for having expectations. In a sense, expectations give us something to look forward to. In another sense, expectations also lead to disappointments. One of my more used quotes is;


However, in this case, I think it's good to have expectations providing they are the correct ones.

  1. Expect to have a couple of days of side effects which may be different for everyone. Generally, headache, fatigue, and maybe a fever. They will pass.

  2. Expect that even after your first and second dose of the vaccine, you still must follow the CDC guidelines. Wear a mask, practice good hygiene, and social distance.

That's it's because you are now in the home stretch.


Everything has a beginning, and everything has an end. Let's call them 'Point A and Point C.' The trick is to make it from 'Point A to Point C.' The good news is that you have already made it to point B, there is only one more step to go to get to the finish line. My thoughts and prayers are with those and the families of those who did not have this opportunity and were taken from us by this pandemic. Everyone has been faced with different challenges throughout this crisis. If you were working, you worked harder than ever. If you weren't you probably were struggling financially more than you ever had before, and for some, it was their first rodeo of financial woes. The government initially did a great deal to help, but for whatever reason, although we can certainly speculate, they really dropped the ball lately causing much more concern and worry for the people and businesses who need it. In my opinion, it was mainly due to politics. If this were not an election year, I am convinced this second bill would have gone much further.

Our politicians really need to take a hard look at themselves and see what they have put the American people through during the past five months by NOT being able to come to a deal and make DARN sure they never do it again. They broke their most sacred oath. SERVE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. As of this writing tonight, Congress will surely pass the new bill they agreed upon and President Trump will sign it. This was long overdue for so many and without real purpose or substance other than political agendas. When people are suffering, there is no room or time for this childish behavior. I am happy that those who need it will now get the help they need.

One last thought on the vaccine because I do have an opinion on one issue. I do not believe each state should decide who receives the vaccine first. The vaccine is only 2 weeks in and now we have two. Hopefully, with more to come soon. There are organizations arguing who should and should receive the vaccine first because as usual, everyone has a different pecking order and opinion. The distribution of the vaccine should be determined by the CDC. They have all the data and should set the standard of administration that every state MUST follow. I think everyone agrees that first-line workers and first responders should be first. I am saddened to see that even this is now becoming a racial and ethnic issue. This should not and is not either of those issues. It's a matter of the most vulnerable based on specific criteria that receive the vaccine first. Regardless of race, color, or creed, but that's only my humble opinion. When it is done based on that criteria, everyone who needs to be in the front of the line will be. It will NOT become a social issue.

However, in the spirit of the season, this is the time to be grateful for what we have. There others that are less fortunate. It is also a time to forgive, learn, and move forward in a positive direction and NOT make the same mistakes twice. So with that, I wish everyone to be safe, happy and be well. I am taking the next two weeks off, therefore, there will be no blog post on Dec. 28th., 2020, or January 4th., 2021. I wish those who celebrate Hanukkah that your season brought you joy, love, and happiness. To all others; may the upcoming holidays also bring you joy, love, and happiness, and you all have a happy and prosperous New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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