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UNITY - How do we get it back?


There is a great deal of talk about us being a divided nation rather than a unified nation. I believe anyone with a reasonable mind would agree that to be unified is a much more productive course. However, many factors contribute to the state of a nation, country, or people. If everyone had the same degree of common sense, unification would be an easy goal to achieve. With that said, everyone has different degrees of common sense and a variety of different opinions. The one factor that affects common sense the most, is an individual's opinion, which is also tied to their emotions and feelings. Therefore, when we say anything, in this case, our country needs to be united, it becomes a complicated issue. Let's see if we can figure out why.


That's the million-dollar question. It doesn't take one thing. It's a combination of many. Let's look at a few.

  1. Respect one another's view or opinion.

  2. Leadership

  3. Leading by setting a good example

  4. Opinions

  5. Agreeing to disagree and move forward.

These are just a few, but in this writer's opinion, they are the critical few. These are the ones that set the foundation from which unity can be built. Some may agree, and others may disagree with what I about to discuss. That is fine and a perfect example of #1 respect another's view or opinion. We cannot begin to build unity until our leaders respect one another, and we as people respect each other. Why? It's straightforward. Without respect, there is no understanding of another individual's viewpoint. Many will not always have the same view or opinion.

Leadership is also a critical point. Let me jog some memories. How may remember decades ago when a political debate or campaign was about the issues? There was no bashing of another human being or their family. Those lines were never crossed by a political party. In the past couple of elections, and maybe more, the trend changed, and it was not about the issues any longer. It became a game of who could throw more trash on the other candidate. As the questions were asked, the perfect storm was created It soon turned into a game of who could interrupt the other more, bash the other more, and even extend to their family. How many recent debates have you watched when after the moderator asked the question, he/she had to try to step in in a futile attempt try to put a stop to the childishness and move on to the next question. You thought to yourself, "They never answered the question." Therefore, regardless of who you like, both individuals did the same thing. My question to you is, in your opinion, do you believe that is a display of strong leadership?

Let's be honest, or at least pretend to be. 2020 was a year of each political party relentlessly attacking the other. Between the name-calling, bashing supporters and people s a whole, placing caucasian people against Afro-American people, and more, it was a political nightmare, and, for the most part, the needs of the people were not addressed in a timely manner. Like a food dish that has many ingredients, a year filled with violence and destruction by many were thrown into the pot. Innocent people suffered. Many were injured, and many were killed. We had Governors of states choosing political sides and not controlling what happens in their own states. I don't care whether a Governor liked or did not like President Trump. No leader should allow the things that took place in their cities to escalate and let your cities be overrun by violence, destruction, and lives lost due to political views. At it's best, that is poor leadership and will NEVER lead to a unified nation. Therefore to be fair, both political parties were at fault. The ball was dropped at many levels.

Why does the United States need a tragedy such as 911 to cause them to unite? Because everything I said represents critical item numbers 1, 2, and 3. Lack of respect, lack of leadership, lack of setting a good example. In item four I mention opinions. Every person and every political party and leader will have an opinion. Yes, in most cases, they are discussed, and probably intelligently with many exceptions. These exceptions were not due to their political beliefs, they were due to their personal political agenda. This is showing how opinions are driven by emotions, which in turn, affects their judgment and what they were put that that office to do. Namely, do what is best for the people and the nation. Of course, we realize that we do not live in a perfect world, and people are not perfect. Therefore, some of this is to be expected. However, between 2016 to 2020, I believe these issues went way over the top of what anyone with a reasonable mind would consider normal. At best, we all experienced four years of a poor display of leadership by both sides. In my opinion, possibly the most embarrassing four years in our nation's history.

The final critical point. When you reach an impasse, which will always happen, what do you do? For one, you put your toys done in the sandbox and walk away. You agree to disagree, take the vote, and show support and respect for the outcome. Nothing in life will always go your way. The best example of this was the months it took Congress to agree on a second stimulus package. A disagreement by both sides based on personal political agendas, rather than what the American people needed. In the end, the bill was split into smaller pieces which is what many wanted to see happen months earlier. The outcome resulted in months of wasted time and millions of dollars. Again, at best, a poor example of strong leadership and setting an example. If you have children, you probably do your best to set a good example for them, or at least you should. You want to give them a strong foundation for them to build their lives upon. For years, our leaders have chipped away at this foundation until, as a nation, we reached the point of becoming an undivided nation. No, I do not believe it was intentional or deliberate with the intent to cause harm. However, this foolishness did not have a productive or positive outcome and further divided our nation. Without change, we are and will remain, a divided nation.


Yes, we can. However, it will take strong leadership, and setting the proper example for people to follow, in order to achieve this. In two days, we will have a new President. Whether you voted for him or not, he like any other deserves a chance. As a nation, we should allow him the opportunity to keep his promises. The promises that caused people to elect him. Should he not, it's simple. He or his team could be voted out at the next election cycle. My guess is he may not run again, and possibly Kamela Harris might give it a go. Still, if this new administration is NOT successful, then we have the opportunity to replace them. Nevertheless, in the meantime, we must learn to be a thorn in the side of our state representatives that we elected when we are not happy. Remember, they also have to be re-elected. My fellow Americans, this is not a political statement, it is purely common sense. If we set anyone up for failure, they will fail. Our job as citizens is to be sure our representatives know our wishes and judge our elected officials by the choices they make.

Sad to say, but it is true. Our government is broken and needs healing and fixing. As a people, we are also broken and need the same. However, that example starts at the top. We all must accept this fact before we can fix it. Our elected leaders need to set the proper example in how they lead, what they say in a speech, and how they motivate the American people. Make no mistake. There is no magic pill to swallow to become a unified nation again. It will take hard work by each one of us. However, everything in life that has value, requires hard work by everyone. Remember, these examples start at the top. That is where the example is set. Peaceful rallies and protests are accepted, opinions should be heard and respected. This is what responsible people do. If elements in a crowd start to get out of hand, don't support their actions because it seems like fun, stop them. We also need to take responsibility for what we do or do not do. Morally, to stand by and watch this violence happen makes part of it, and you are just as wrong as those performing the actions.


Our leaders at all levels of government MUST be consistent, fair, and equal to all, regardless of their political affiliation or personal agendas or views. Breaking the law is breaking the law. It's not related to color, race, or creed. The law applies to everyone equally. Our leadership has dramatically blurred the line between right and wrong. This is a line that MUST ALWAYS be clearly defined. The question, can we become united again? The answer is YES, even if our leadership is dropping the ball, we as people know right from wrong and can try to right what is wrong. We only need to do it the right way. Our elected officials signed up to hear our voices. Just make yours be heard properly and with respect for others. They chose to run for office and were elected. Make them do their jobs. Most of all, our new president needs to set a good example of unity. No president should ever set a bad example due to their personal or political opinions. They do not have that luxury, and we need to hold them accountable, and to that standard, but properly.

We must never give in to being a divided nation. It portrays a bad image not only to the people of our country but to other nations. In many ways, our country is probably being laughed at by other nations. We preach to them what they should not do, and we go ahead and go against what we stand for. Hypocrisy at it's best. I ask you to take a moment, set your personal feelings aside, and tell me one thing I have written here that is not true or does not make perfect sense. Being united as a nation is a shared responsibility. Pointing the finger at others and blaming others won't get it repaired. It will not make us united. Only we can do that. To all, I hope you stay safe and be well.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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