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What Is The Problem?

"Problems are inevitable. It's whether we recognize them, and how we solve them,

that will define us."

- Caesar Rondina -


There is an old proverb that goes like this:


We now have a new administration. Regardless of how many feel, everyone deserves a chance, and it long overdue for us as a country and a people to unite. If we have nothing else in this world, we certainly have uncertainty. Most of the time, we are uncertain and live in a state of uncertainty. Is uncertainty directly related to trust or a direct result of mistrust? By nature, people are generally untrusting. With all the political rhetoric and the reports that states are not doing a good job of administering the vaccine and more, people are not very trusting. This leads to increased uncertainty. These two words alone cause stress and anxiety. Add the pressures of daily living, especially through this pandemic, and combine these words, the result can be chaos. At times, something there is no lack of. The real question is, why?


One of the largest issues that cause chaos is one hand does not know what the other is doing. Let's look at some of the common reasons.

  1. People talk around the issue(s) rather than about them.

  2. Poor planning.

  3. Poor communications.

  4. Lack of knowledge.

  5. Appeasement

Let's look at a brief example of each. In politics, doesn't it seem that politicians talk around an issue rather than about it? If anyone ever watched a debate, when it's over, you ask yourself, "THEY SAID NOTHING," oftentimes they refuse to take or avoid certain questions, which are usually the questions you want to hear an answer to.

A good example of poor planning that many are concerned about is how the individual states are deciding who gets the new vaccines first. In this case, there is a solid distribution plan to get the vaccine to the states, yet, the states can't get their act together to get their population vaccinated. I have read many articles where the vaccines were about to expire, and people who do not really need them have received them rather than throw them out. Or, vaccines expire before administered. There are 50 states in our country, and many have their own plans for distribution. We must expect there will be some variances. There are numerous challenges when it comes to vaccinating an entire population, but we have been vaccinating millions of people each year with the flu vaccines. Is this really a new rodeo?

Not only is this poor planning, because clearly, every state knew this day was coming and had plenty of time to prepare, or is it poor communications within? We were fortunate to have dedicated people who developed these vaccines in record time and get them approved by the FDA. There is no excuse in the world anyone could give me that even one vial of any vaccine should even come close to expiring and be thrown out. One hand is not talking to the other, and God forbid they vaccinate the vulnerable before it's their turn. So I guess, is letting a vial of the vaccine expire the logical choice? Or, is it better to have a secondary plan in place to administer it to the next group of people? Of course, people that are considered low risk a logical choice as compared to wasting a dose. However, is this the most effective plan? I realize and acknowledge there are very intelligent individuals in each state planning this, and no state can determine who will sign up and who will not. A logistical nightmare at best. All I am saying is, there must be a better way. With these issues being reported daily on the news, it causes people to ask many questions, feel a degree of mistrust, and lead to the other issues I have noted.

Much of this is due to a lack of knowledge. Meaning, there are people that specialize in this type of mass distribution. Utilize their knowledge. Especially during this pandemic that is affecting people in many different ways, and many lives are still being lost. The pecking order should be mandated by the CDSF and be the same for each state. These are medical issues that Governors are simply not qualified to determine. Although it may take a bit of work, each state should know its most vulnerable population. If a certain group has been vaccinated and there are doses left, get them into the arms of those who need it. I appreciate all the work the states have put into this, and I am sure they started planning this months ago, but the ball in some states is getting dropped. The plan is flawed and not working to its full potential.

This brings us to appeasement. When this occurs and finally reaches the ear of the people, questions are asked. From my standpoint, I could accept someone telling me, "we made an error and have corrected the problem moving forward," BUT giving me a line of crap and insulting my intelligence doesn't cut it, and the phrase, "we're working on the problem," doesn't get it done.


One concept I would impress on anyone who ever worked for me was:


That, my friends, is not only a fact, it's the truth. Everyone can't be the hero, the chief, or the head honcho. Sometimes it's a simple matter of following instructions. Before any problem can be solved, we must first realize and admit there is one. The next step in resolution is NOT to try to assign blame or point the finger at others. The next step is putting your heads together and finding the best solution. It seems for the past few years, we live in times where placing blame and pointing the finger at others is considered the norm, and rule of the day. Our nation is more divided now than ever before. Yet, the two political parties refuse to step back and unite themselves. Vindictiveness and retaliation will never lead to unity at any level. Therefore, what example do the American people have to refer to? I'll say this now, as I have said many times before, our politicians have forgotten who they were elected to serve. It certainly isn't and wasn't their personal political agenda, but they have made it that way.

Therefore, an environment of uncertainty looms over our heads like a rain cloud ready to let loose. Which only leaves two options. Either the cloud will pass before it rains, or we will all get soaked. There sits the uncertainty we all face. We now have a new administration leading our country, and frankly, no one knows exactly what to expect. Already in the first week, many new executive orders have been signed. Some of which are excellent, and others that clearly do take into account what the domino effect will be. A pipeline was shut down. This has not only resulting in thousands of layoffs but also affects the local revenue in the areas the pipeline passes through. Not to mention our partnership and relationship with Canada. Gas prices have risen over $.30 a gallon in a short five weeks, and that I fear is only the beginning. We have all heard the pros and cons. It's a new Congress. Again, no one knows what to expect because the House and the Senate have such a horrible history of never getting along. With all of this uncertainty looming about us, what do we do?


The image you see was from a message I set out a week or so ago. First, we never give up on HOPE and never lose our FAITH in ourselves, or one another. No government on the face of this earth can bring us together as a people. Only we can do that. They need to set the example to start that ball rolling. We share this rock in space with every race, color, and creed. We can be the tools of our success, or, our self-destruction as a society. Personally, I prefer and recommend success.

There is a correct and incorrect way to institute change. Violence, destruction, and a divided society will never bring about positive change. We all live in a busy world. I know what it is like to work two jobs while raising three children. Living from paycheck to paycheck to help and give my children a good start and chance in life. Therefore, yes. We are a busy society. However, until we speak out and let our elected officials know what we want, we will never obtain any degree of control over our future and future generations. Trust me; your elected officials will listen, especially if they want to be re-elected. Hopefully, you can see why I stated; only we can institute the change we want. If we fail to do this, we will be at the mercy of those that will institute the change they want. In the Gettysburg address, U.S. President Abraham Lincoln said at Gettysburg to honor the soldiers that sacrificed their lives. (courtesy Wikipedia) Words that should always be remembered and never forgotten.

"That government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from earth."


When we ask ourselves, what is the problem? We should not only find the answer, but we should also be part of the solution. Anyone can be a Monday morning quarterback. It takes no skill at all to second guess what anyone does. The skill comes to the table when we identify the issue and come up with THE BEST solution, and then become part of that solution. We will always have problems. Our government will always face new challenges. However, a transparent government, or transparency in general, greatly cuts down the degree of uncertainty in our society. We also must realize there will always be some degree of uncertainty, and believe it or not, that is healthy. Although many do not say it, we all know it. The biggest uncertainty in life that we all live with each day and yet manage to survive is;

All you have is the present because tomorrow is not guaranteed to anyone.

Stay safe and be well. Thank you.

Caesar Rondina


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