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Write Your Way To Your Own Business. - by Entrepreneur Dean Burgess


I am pleased to host another great article written by Business Entrepreneur Dean Burgess. Dean is a regular guest writer on my blog. If you feel you have an article, you would like to have posted on my blog, feel free to email it to me for review at

A few years back, I decided to start a diversified blog because, as a Best-Selling Author, I feel it is essential to establish a closer relationship between my readers and myself. When readers know the author better, they can get a better feel about how and why they write. As I always say, "life is personal."

We all live in a society that revolves around social media and the internet. This is the new norm as to how people stay in contact. Many now text rather than speak on the phone, exchange photos and share their life experiences. This applies to all aspects of life, including family, friends, politicians, and, yes, business. We have all seen business advertisements increase across all social media platforms. Ads upset many users, but keep this thought in mind. These platforms are free because businesses place ads on these platforms, which allows the platform to remain free to use for those who use it. Try to keep that in mind when you say to yourself, "another ad?"

I want to thank Dean for his article, and I hope you will all get something production from it.

Write Your Way to Your Own Business

While in college or after you graduate, perhaps you want to use skills you already possess to earn extra money. If you have a knack for writing, editing, and researching, you could have a future as a freelance writer. Learn how to find writing opportunities, attract clients and boost your innate skills in the following article presented by Dean Burgess.

Building Your Writing Skills

While you may have learned how to diagram sentences and assemble a stellar essay, you need a different set of writing skills as a freelance writer. Depending on the industry or niche you want to write in, you may need to learn how to write for a specific market. Check out online writing courses and workshops that focus on subjects like search engine optimization, online marketing, and editing/proofreading. Developing basic freelance writing skills provides a solid foundation to build on as you take on gigs.

One of the best ways to build your writing skills is to write every day without fail. Even if you ultimately don’t keep what you’ve written, the act of keeping your skills sharp will allow you to grow and flourish. To ensure you’re staying on track, consider setting up an online calendar for planning your writing schedule. Using an online template can help you get your calendar organized and ready to go in no time.

Looking for Writing Gigs:

Rather than scramble to find writing gigs, you could find you have too many options. To get your feet wet and get used to life as a freelance writer, consider writing for a content mill, a company that offers inexpensive web copy and low compensation for writers. Content mills help beginner writers learn how to write for the web and build their writing resumes. Experts note that content mills make for a solid option for fresh graduates looking for work despite their poor pay while up against the strong competition. Once you get the swing of things, look for better-paying opportunities quickly.

Job boards could offer valuable opportunities that you need not bid over like you would with freelance marketplaces. You may also follow job boards on social media to uncover gigs.

Attracting Clients:

After writing for content mills and applying to job board ads, you may feel comfortable approaching clients independently. To attract clients, know your writing niche, which includes subjects and industries you are knowledgeable and passionate about and can write confidently on. It makes sense to narrow your focus to a few select industries and topics so you become an expert in those areas that clients turn to.

While you may not have the funds to buy your own site, you could already have a blog on a free site. If so, use your blog to your advantage to show potential clients what makes you a great writer, highlight the skills and industry knowledge you bring to the table, and provide sample work. If you keep freelance writing after graduating or in the years following your graduation, you may feel comfortable using a paid hosting service for your professional site.

Creating a Business Entity:

Anyone who works for themselves must understand how to pay taxes. Once you start freelancing, secure a tax ID number, also called an employer identification number (EIN). This number identifies your company and allows the IRS to track your payroll taxes. Another great thing about having an EIN is saving time and frustration while filing federal and state taxes. Also, pay your estimated taxes every quarter to avoid owing the IRS money and penalties when tax season rolls around.

Freelance writing could make for a great career path in or after college.

If you want to turn it into a full-time job or a gig you work on the side, you're sure to find no end of opportunities to explore.

As with all ventures, these are the building blocks that will lead to your success when put together correctly. I wish everyone great success regardless of what you choose to be your passion.


Dean Burgess

In this article, Dean makes some excellent points. Thanks again to Dean for his submission.

Stay safe, be happy, and be well,

Caesar Rondina


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