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Where do your inspirations come from?

I try to stay out of the political arena. Notice the keyword try. But I feel that that the Presidents tribute last night to the Carryn Owens, the window of slain Senior Chief William 'Ryan' Owens, was eloquently done. As writers, we live in a world where we never know where, or when something may be the inspiration of our next book. I wrote my third and forth book back to back, with the third being released soon, than the fourth will follow as my publisher see's fit. After writing two books back to back, I wondered, after taking a break, where the inspiration for my next book would come from. Ideas are like snowballs. You get hit with them in the face when you least expect it. After hearing his tribute, that snowball hit me smack dap in the face. I know now what my fifth book will be. How life works is one of God's amazing gifts.

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