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And When Your Asked ......

When someone says to you have a nice day. You reply, same to you. A simple friendly ending to a conversation. But is it that simple? Today I had an interesting and surprising experience. After talking with someone who read the preface of my book that's due out any day now, I ended my conversation with a simple "thank you for your kind words, have wonderful day". For a second there was a pause, and she asked,"do you really mean that?" Honestly, I am usually never taken by surprise, but that question surprised me. After a second or two I asked, " are you seriously asking me that or are you making a joke?" Her reply was, "no joke, after reading your about the author, I was just curious." This was my reply. "I wished you a wonderful day from the bottom of my heart, because everyone should have a wonderful day. Each wonderful day we have will help get us through the difficult ones, so you be sure to have a wonderful day." She said, "I actually believe you, you as well." And we hung up. Jess, if your reading this blog, you are the first woman I have every spoke to in my entire life that has left me speechless for even one or two seconds. That alone should make you have a wonderful day. You accomplished what many feel is the impossible. Moral: Every day we live there is something to learn. Something to learn about ourselves. No matter what is it, it's learning. As we learn we grow, as we grow we get wiser, and than we can pass that wisdom along. Life is not solely about us, it's about what we pass on, or share with others that is equally important. Remember that the next time someone says to you, have a great day.

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