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Excerpt from BALANCING THE SCALE ....


"There it is, you may not hear it now, but you will. Just listen …… Tick Tock, tick tock, tick tock. I don’t just write about data and statistics. It’s just plain boring as hell. Statisticians forget embedded in all this data are people. People with hearts, souls, and minds. They all have stories, people have life, and most times life does not live within statistics. But at times, we need to know some data in order to understand what we’re taking about. I feel my style of writing is unique in the sense that I write in such a manner that I strive to make my readers feel as if it’s just you and I having a conversation together. Writing based on facts, experience, education and people. That’s what makes it personal, what creates our connection and makes it real. This book is just that. It’s personal.

What is the pendulum that hangs down from the clock? It swings back and forth, and back and forth. Even if we forget to wind the clock and the pendulum stops, time keeps moving forward. The second hand of time never stops. The passing of time is not heard. It's experienced. It’s often said that no one can stop time, but the great ones can slow it down. You realize of course that is a philosophical statement, but in a sense it’s true. It’s how you perceive time that matters. We know that no one can really slow down time, or can they? You will see that one type of time can be slowed down. It’s about your perception, but also about a different type of time. One you do not know exists, but are about to learn. Are you one of these great ones? Can you be one of the great ones that slowed down time?"

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