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"You Can't Handle The Truth"


"You can't handle the truth." We've all heard that line. A line that Jack Nicholson made famous in the 1992 movie "A Few Good Men," and a great movie by the way. However, how true is that statement? Can people handle the truth? Can you handle the truth? Do you really want to know everything? Do you really need to know everything? Of course, in the case of national security, we should not know certain things or secrets. You know the old saying, three can keep a secret if two are dead. So yes, there are some truths we should not know for that exact reason. National Security. However, what about day to day life? The matters that directly affect us in our life? That is what we are talking about here. Not National Security issues. Also, next week's post is a special post about health insurance. A post for a friend.


Truth is the quality or state of being true. That which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. A fact or belief that is accepted as true. (courtesy of the internet) How interesting is that? Let's look at the last part. Something doesn't have to be true by nature of part one or two of the definition. It could be true if the fact or belief is ACCEPTED as true. Now that opens a completely new meaning to truth because now, truth can be based on people's perception. How do you feel about that? Does that mean that truth really has no DEFINITE meaning? One that can be a reference for everything? How about this saying, you can tell a lie for so long that you will actually begin to believe it is the truth. How true is that statement? ABSOLUTELY TRUE. Especially when that lie, which you now believe is the truth, suits your favor. How could this concept of the truth affect your life, your job, your relationships? Personally, I see that as very DANGEROUS waters to be swimming in. Which brings me to my next question. How do you know what someone is telling is actually the truth by the product of part 1 or 2 of the definition, or part 3? You can't, and that is EXACTLY where the problem lies.


The is only one way to know whether or not you are being told the truth. You need to qualify to those that are close to you what the truth actually is. Not what they think the SELECTIVE TRUTH is, or their PERCEIVED TRUTH, but the actual facts. No sugar coating. Selective truth is when someone just selects what part of the truth, they are going to tell you. For example, if you are in a relationship and it's Friday night. You say to your partner, what did you do last night? The actual truth is, they went to a bar, met some girls, and went out for breakfast. They tell you they went to the bar for a couple of beers. Are they lying? In reality, they are not, they are just not telling you the complete truth, hence, SELECTIVE TRUTH. As people, when we start asking questions of others, in a sense, we are sending a message to them that they are not telling us everything.

In most cases, that is a fact, and usually, when you have to ask that many questions, it is because you feel you need to. Who the hell wants to live like that. Therefore, the only way you know what the truth is, is when you qualify to someone exactly what you expect when you ask for the truth. At that point, if you still need to ask many questions, you have a much deeper problem. You also have an issue of trust. I WILL NEVER BE WITH PEOPLE OR IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH ANYONE I CAN'T TRUST. Every person needs to set some values for themselves.


There a varying types of people when it comes to the truth.

1. The type that can handle the truth, even if it hurts,

2. People are comfortable in believing what they hear as long as it's what they want to hear,

3. People that cannot handle the truth at all.

Which type are you? As for me, I am no. 1. I want the truth, even if it hurts. Allow me to explain why. I will do this by asking a question. How many times in your life were you lied to and NEVER found out the truth? Probably, very few. You may have found out the truth later than sooner, but someone always slips, and the truth comes out. Remember that saying about secrets? Therefore, for me, if the truth is going to hurt, I'd rather have it hurt when the effect will be less rather than more later on. How you do that is being the type of person that faces reality. We all live in three worlds.

How true is that image. VERY TRUE. It's is fine to live in the first or second world from time to time, as long as your never forget there is the real world. If you can accept the real world, tham almost all hurt will be diminished.


As I have shown you, there are many variations of the word TRUTH. However, there is only one way truth should be handled, and that is by how you want it defined. Only you can determine what you can handle, and what you cannot. Remember, you can always get better at handling the things you can't. So when someone asks you, "Can you handle the truth?" Think about it. Because your answer depends on how the truth is actually defined.

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Thank you ..... Caesar Rondina

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