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WHO DO YOU LISTEN TO? - The confusing world of listening.


Thanks to Brad from Texas for requesting this topic. Everywhere we turn, there is someone we have to listen to. It could be your partner or life partner, your boss, your friends, organizations you belong to, or just about anything that requires your attention. Most of these are givens, meaning, you expect that you will have to listen to your boss at work, the leader of an organization, etc. We accept these as reality because it starts when we are very young. Before we are old enough and capable of making our own choices. It starts with our parents, then teachers, and finally, we reach an age where we can decide who and what we are going listen to.

When we're young, we rush to get old enough to make our own choices. When were older, we wish we were young. Another reality. However, somewhere in the middle of those times, we actually have to opportunity to make these choices, but, have we experienced enough of life to see through the clouds? Or, like most of us, are we in that "I know it all stage?" Oh yes, a stage we all went through. As we grow older and wiser, we can look back at it and laugh about it, but, at the time, it is quite serious. So here you are. Old enough to vote, get a car loan, buy a house, maybe even get married. Who do you listen to when making these choices?


Whenever we as people are not sure of what choice to make, we tend to reach out and either do research, or ask someone. For some, it's a parent or parent(s). For others, it might be friends or co-workers. Now, here comes the hitch. Most times, in our minds, we have already made a choice, or at least have an idea what we want to do and are actually seeking an opinion to justify what we may be already thinking. As if it's the right choice because someone else would do the same. I was very fortunate. When my father was alive he was a wise man. If I asked his opinion, he always said,

"If you want my opinion I will give it to you. You don't have to agree with it, and I will support whatever decision you make, so no arguments, or don't ask me my opinion."

Why do you think that statement makes so much sense? Think about this. How many times did you ask someone their opinion and when they give it to you and it's not the opinion you are looking for, you argue with them about their opinion? So, I would listen to his opinion and make my choice. There was no arguing or me trying to question why or change his mind. God, that made it so much easier.

When we confide in and listen to one person, it makes it much easier because there were not multiple choices to choose from. If you ask five people, you will get five different opinions, and BANG! That's where the confusion comes in. Now you're really screwed. The funny part is, in the end, most us make the choice we wanted to make to begin with, we were simply seeking approval from someone; anyone. Anyone that agreed with us. Most people will continue to ask people their opinion until they find the one whose opinions match what they want to do in the first place.


The issue really gets complicated when it comes to social issues such as the many things happening that we hear about on the news, and especially election campaigns. As people, we are being ignorant if we think everything we hear or see is truth or fact. ESPECIALLY in the news business. Just look at the big tech hearings that just took place. The bias that social media, a platform by the way that most people spend most of their time on, displays by allowing some posts and not others depending on their own political beliefs. These big tech companies drive the world. They drive us as people. Think about this for a moment. If you are shopping on Amazon, unless you know the specific brand of the item you are looking for, you probably buy the one that's marked "Amazon's Choice."

Most people do not know that many products that are recommended by a magazine or online buying service are recommended as part of an AD CAMPAIGN that the manufacturer took out. The manufacturer paid for this in the hopes that they will sell more product, the ad will pay for itself, and they will receive additional profits. Simply put, IT WORKS! The concept applies for anything that is sold online. If you follow my blog posts you know I have said many times that bits and pieces of audio clips or video clips can be edited and shown on in a news broadcast to favor the bias of the network reporting the news. If you are like me, and watch different news networks, you will see this type of action in play all the time.

Look at the pandemic, watch the news, each network has their own experts that support whatever political agenda that network believes in. People, this applies to everything. Don't take my word for it, watch and see for yourself. Hence, this leads to the confusing world of listening. Remember earlier I said as people, we usually have already decided before we ask, well, that's true, because you will choose the network to watch that matches your beliefs or choices. I ask you, does that make is true or the information correct? HELL NO!


As a society, we have gotten lazy. If the saying,"TMI," (Too much information), is true, than we are at fault for falling for it because of our passiveness and the fact that we are too lazy to do our own homework and research. Another question for you. How many times do you side with people in a discussion to avoid an argument? Heck, I do it all the time. However, our reasons may be different. I avoid it because I know MOST PEOPLE ARE NOT PROPERLY INFORMED, and it serves no good purpose to have a discussion with those who are not informed. IT WILL ALWAYS END IN AN ARGUMENT.

There is only one way to be successful in your quest to make the correct choices. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Know what you are talking about and research the possible choices. Does this take a little time? Of course. However, you will be the one who benefits in the end. People do not gain wisdom, knowledge, or respect by taking the views of others, or following the leader. Wisdom, knowledge, and respect comes from you knowing what the heck you are talking about. Being able to carry on a conversation based on real facts, not just what you heard on the news.

Now do not take me wrong. I am NOT saying the news media and reporters are a bunch of liars. That is not true. However, for some, as with Social Media Platforms, they can be biased. This bias is what contributes GREATLY to "The confusing world of listening."

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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