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Another Excerpt From Who Are The Heroes

Americans are starting to support their law enforcement community. Helping out officers in distress. America is fighting back, slowly, but fighting back. People are afraid to get involved. They don’t want to get hurt, sued, or put their families in jeopardy. No, we can’t have armed vigilantes roaming the streets. But we can help one another when the situation arises. In order to stop any reaction, you have to take an action. A revolving door will always turn as long as someone’s stuck in it and trying to get out. Our men and women in uniform abroad, and those that protect our communities, don’t have your choices. It’s their sworn duty to act. Take an action in order to stop the reaction. What about those that didn’t die, but sustained injuries so bad that their career is over? They still have to survive. They may, or may not have received a disability pension. Their lives could be ruined in order to protect and save yours. Should their life be ruined? Should they be taken care of? I won’t even ask for an answer to that question. Most high level executives have better health and disability coverage than those that risk their lives day in and day out for us, the American people. Don’t we owe them more than that?

When we speak of heroes, let’s look at what we do for them. Is it enough? Are our priorities out of balance? With every event, comes an aftermath. We know about the event, but we close our eyes to the aftermath. The aftermath that many to this day, are trying to survive. There are many that can tell you the names of every MVP from every super bowl since its conception. But ask them the name of one fallen officer, or one soldier that was killed. They can’t. It doesn’t make them bad people, it’s just to them, it’s not personal, so they don’t remember them. One has a short term immediate effect, and the other a long term effect. True sports fans that are dedicated to one team, can tell you the stats of every player. They follow the team. It’s PERSONAL. But if Officer XYZ gets killed in the line of duty, there is nothing personal there for them, so it’s watched on the news and forgotten the same night. Most are guilty of this trait when it’s not personal to us specifically. But make no mistake, they are still heroes and remembered by their family and peers. But heroes didn’t look at it that way. They just reacted to a situation, took the action that was needed to stop a reaction, not thinking or worrying about who was going to remember their name. They made a choice. That’s why these acts are called unselfish acts. Where do these people come from? They come from inside any one of us. Anyone one of us can be a hero if whatever is going on is personal to us. Remember what I said earlier. It’s personal.

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