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What Do You Do When You've Had Enough?


Popeye used to say, "I have had all I can stand and I can't stands no more!"

Popeye would squeeze open his can of spinach, the top

would pop open, and down the hatch the spinach would go. Popeye's muscles would bulge, and he was ready to face the problem head on.

My question to you is; do you eat your spinach, or have another way of handling things? Cartoon characters are great. They provide us a means to laugh, but we all know it's not real. However, one thing is real. The stress and aggravation we all deal with when we watch the news and see what is happening throughout our country. Both of which we all feel each day. The news hounds us with the same story day after day and week after week. How many times do we need to hear the same wording, see the same video clips, or wonder how much is actually true or false? Sure, it's nice to know what’s happening and hear updates, but really, the same story's day after day will eventually make anyone want to open a can of spinach. How do you NOT let it get to you, and how do you cope with it?


Everyone has different coping mechanisms. Some can ignore it, but others cannot. Those that cannot either accept it for what it is, and it gets to them. Unfortunately, the latter is true for most. It gets to them. When that occurs, fuel always get added to the fire, and the fire grows. It is very hard for people to accept certainly things because each of us have our own opinion. Especially now when things are spiraling out of control. People cope with things in many ways.

  • They laugh at it so as not to take it seriously,

  • They discuss it with others,

  • Go into a state of denial,

  • They might accept part of the blame,

  • Increase physical exercise to reduce stress

  • Become part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

What is happening now is more of the people becoming part of the problem. However, at times, it is not all their fault. Some bad and unjust things have occurred and people are fed up. The problem lies in their methods, not their ideals.


Nothing in life can ever be repaired if not handled properly. We all must ask ourselves many questions, then decide between what is right and what is wrong. In an election year, I think every politician runs for the hills, meaning, they want to please everyone to get their vote. With these issues being of grave importance, they are running for the hills. NO MATTER WHAT THE ISSUE. The government should NEVER do what is wrong when considering society as a whole. Now do not misunderstand that statement. The government and people alike, MUST find ways to have equal justice without prejudice. However, allowing people to burn, vandalize, loot, and destroy private and public property, or take over sections of any city is wrong on every level. When our lawmakers show no respect for our laws, do we really expect that people will respect them?

Anything can be fixed when approached properly. Sit down and talk, but insist that all the rest stop before any measures will be taken to correct the problems. Both side have to give in equally. That is the prime goal in any negotiations. Nothing ever goes one way. No one has their cake and gets to eat it too.

We all watch the news. All these leaders get interviewed and threaten violence, and more violence if they don't get their way. Well, guess what. That horse will only ride that trail for so long. Eventually, if for no other reason than public pressure, measures will need to be taken to put a stop to this. Can that be avoided? It should be, but I am not convinced it will be.


I have said many times that ALL LIVES MATTER. Yet, the BLM movement openly states that their cause represents all people but yet they focus on black people. I get it. The reality is, whenever any organization or movement dedicates itself by name to one color, it could be considered as prejudice and not relating to all people. Many other races in our history have experienced discrimination. Our countries history regarding this, although not the best, is not limited to people of color. Certain nationalities have been discriminated against for years, as well as gender inequality. This all needs to stop for ALL PEOPLE. People need to stop referring to others as black, white, brown or yellow. Of course races such as Caucasian, Afro-American, Latin, Asian, are perfectly fine to be referred to. However, what happens in our country effects ALL PEOPLE of ALL RACES, and ALL COLORS. These terms refer more to heritage, NOT color.

In this writer's opinion, it's an easy concept to understand. When people do not practice it, it is because they do not want to, or choose not to. To these individuals I ask, in the interest of racial equality and removing prejudice, by not practicing and promote this equally, makes you hypocritical. You are defeating, and NOT supporting, your own cause. I do not blame all the individuals. I blame the activists and those that wish to instigate trouble and problems. It's more of or becoming a political agenda, not a human rights agenda. Read this article. These are facts, not fiction, from the:WASHINGTON POST.

How about Mt. Rushmore, or the last thing I heard on the news was playing chess was racists because the white pieces go first. If a black person has the white pieces, is it still racist? The tales of names being changes goes on and on and on. However, any reasonable mind should be able to determine is something is actually RACIST. For decades and longer, products have had a certain name. People of color as well as white people have eaten Aunt Jemima pancakes, now they are saying that is racist. Where does this end? The issue is, I fear it will never end. Sometimes, through attrition, is the only way things end. Meaning, when the less prejudice generation is old enough to be in the position of making construction decisions, and the older more strict in their way thinking people pass on, things will change. However, a line does need to be drawn in the sand, and the media MUST stop inflaming the situation.

Thank you ... Caesar Rondina


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